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About Us

Globo Terráqueo was born from a trip between two sisters.  After living through unforgettable experiences, we found our way back home.  However, we were not too fond of being back home because our longing to explore and connect were infinite.  We could not bear the thought of coming back to our normal routine.  But this time we did not only return home with our luggage full of stories, tons of memories that stayed with us, and of course a few things we bought on our trip.  This time our luggage was a little heavier, Globo Terráqueo came with us.  But we were incredibly glad to carry our luggage this time!  Our desire for independence and freedom drove us to create this project that we work on daily with lots of love.  We create merchandise for all those who call themselves fanatics of unique and durable pieces.  Our inspiration is fashion, freedom, and a strong longing for adventure.


With our pieces, we hope to be part of any destination you discover.
For everything lived, and what remains to be lived.
Much love, Melly & Mel