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La Locale

Wherever she goes, she feels that she belongs. Always talking to the locals to find their favorites spots. The connection with the places is so strong that she doesn't want to leave. The kind of traveler that takes her experiences to heart and suffers when flying back home.


La Cosmo

She's always waiting to see the nightlife and best hangout spots. She's always searching for the best places to go and has the outfit ready for the moment she starts packing. Cheers to La Cosmo!

Eterna Viajera

La Eterna Viajera

Never misses the opportunity of enjoying anything that life brings. Always comfortable, she might leave at sunrise and return way after sundown. This traveler has not left the destination she is visiting and is already planning on coming back. A truly wanderlust soul.

La Stylish

Always into shopping, whether it's local stores, markets or designers. She loves to be creative with her outfits because to her, fashion is art. However, her art is more about personal style than fashion. She stays up to date with the trendiest spots to take the best #OOTD pictures.